Focusing primarily on the loss of a sibling(s),
Love Like Jackson connects families to a list
of professionals who specialize in child grief-
related services.

Creative therapies engage children in
comfortable activities such as drawing
pictures, singing songs and playing with
toys. Love Like Jackson financially sponsors a
grieving child with 12 sessions of therapy.

What do we offer?

Art Therapy

Music Therapy

Play Therapy


Love Like Jackson funds 12 sessions with these creative services. We are constantly adding child grief services to our program. If you are interested in becoming a part of our creative professional family, we’d love to connect.

“This is Wesley,  he’s 8 years old. At the age of 7, he sadly and suddenly lost his best friend.  Before that happened,  he was always angry and often said he wanted to kill himself.  He couldn’t seem to find ways to properly express his emotions or a positive outlet.

Music Therapy has been a godsend for him. He’s able to express his emotions in ways that he couldn’t before because the other counselors didn’t know how to properly help him.”

“Love Like Jackson blessed our family with the gift of Art/Play Therapy for our creative girl. After twelve weeks of sessions with Crystal at Creative Solution Therapies, my daughter went from being a child terrified of being alone, to begging to have her own room.” – Luci’s mommy

We are so thankful for the play therapy services that we received from this foundation.  It has helped our child thrive in the face of such a devastating loss.” – Ivan’s mommy