The death of a brother or sister is painful.

No child’s grief should be forgotten.

Love Like Jackson gives families resources for children experiencing this devastating loss. We aim to help children through the experience with as little lasting trauma as possible.

What do we offer?

Art Therapy

Music Therapy

Play Therapy
Trauma-Informed Yoga

Love Like Jackson funds 12 sessions with these creative services. We are constantly adding child grief services to our program. If you are interested in becoming a part of our creative professional family, we’d love to connect.

More suggestions? Check out our Grief Resources.

Why is it important?

Grief Bags

Each bag is specially curated with resources specifically for child grief. Along with art supplies and grief-related information, these bags will impact bereaved families citywide. We aim to have bags available at local hospitals, health practices, and libraries. Thus far LLJ has created and distributed 50 bags and have them available at many locations throughout St. Louis, MO.

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Check this out!

LLJ’s Carrie Schmitt launched a podcast to discuss child loss and her personal grief journey. She often interviews professionals and others that have brought great perspectives on bereavement.